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    Online Learning Course Student/Parent Agreement Form (en español)

    • Students interested in taking a course online should first meet with their School Counselor to discuss options. If an online course is appropriate for the student, a parent will be notified of the option prior to enrollment. 

    Online Learning Program Guide

    • This guide is designed to provide a full description of the programs offered by Online Learning. It also serves as an instruction manual on enrolling in courses, adding courses to students' schedules, and other procedures. 

    Characteristics of a Successful Online Learner

    • Before making a final decision about taking an online course, students and parents should read through this document for ideas on what it takes to be successful in an online course.

    SC Uniform Grading Policy May 2019


    Are you interested in teaching an online class? Current CCSD teachers can apply to our pool position through Applitrack and click on Internal Applicants. You'll find our listing under Certified Teacher Support-Central Staff.