• VirtualSC

    VirtualSC is a free state-sponsored online program serving students currently attending public, private and home schools in grades 6-12 and Adult Education Programs. VirtualSC offers initial credit and credit recovery courses and is managed by the South Carolina Department of Education Office of Virtual Education.

    Virtual Charleston

    CCSD's Franchise Program will expand our online course curriculum to address the unique challenges of our district using our own teachers. VirtualSC will provide the technology, curriculum, and training to support the implementation of the CCSD Virtual Franchise.


    Edgenuity is Charleston County School District’s resource for high school students that need to take an initial credit course or recover a failed course and is managed by the school’s Edgenuity Coordinator. Edgenuity offers a blended learning curriculum that may be used to facilitate content recovery within each classroom as directed and guided by the classroom teacher.

    Only CCSD approved Edgenuity courses may be taken by students for credit. These courses have been reviewed by district content experts and meet state course requirements, including course name and course code.

    Distance Learning

    Distance Learning opportunities are provided on a very limited basis with a focus on access and equity issues. Distance Learning course offerings may include high school or dual credit classes.