• In order to be awarded a high school diploma in South Carolina a student must have earned a minimum of 24 Carnegie Units in specific areas and pass both the English and Math sections of the SC High School Assessment Program (HSAP) exam. 

      The unit requirements are distributed as follows:

       Subject Units Required
       English/Language Arts  4
       Mathematics  4
       Science 1  3
       United States History and Constitution  1
       Economics .5
       United States Government  .5
       Other Social Studies 1
       Physical Education or Junior ROTC 1
       Computer Science (including keyboarding) 1
       Foreign Language or Career & Tech Ed 2 1
       Electives 3 7
       Total Units 4  24
      • Students planning on entering a 4-Year College//University after graduation are expected to earn 3 credits in courses designated as a “Lab Science”.  Physical Science is a foundational science and is critical for preparation with other science courses but is not designated as a “Lab Science” by the SC Commission on Higher Education and SC Colleges/Universities.
      • Students in a College Prep program must earn one unit in a foreign language.  However, most 4-Year colleges/universities in SC require at least two years of the same foreign language.  Some Colleges/Universities require 3 credits in a foriegn Language.  Students in a Tech Prep Program must earn one unit in a Career and Technology Education (CTE) course.
      • Beginning with the class of 2011 colleges require that students earn at least one Fine Arts credit.
      • Must pass both sections of the exit examination (HSAP).

      Click here to access the SC Graduation Regulation & Policy