• October 2019 Special Recognitions

  • CCSD Leaders Honored
  • October 28, 2019 

    Recently, the Charleston County School District (CCSD) saw significant improvement in the overall rating of schools. The number of CCSD Excellent-rated schools increased by four from last year; Excellent/Good-rated schools increased by seven from last year; CCSD Average and Above schools increased by nine from last year; and CCSD Unsatisfactory schools dropped from 14 last year to only three this year.

    Also, twenty-five CCSD schools were named by the South Carolina Department of Education, as Palmetto Gold or Palmetto Silver Award winners for their student academic performance spanning the last two school years. The annual awards were established by the State Legislature to recognize and reward schools for high levels of academic achievement. 

    Principals were honored recently at their LEAD meeting for their schools’ accomplishments. As an added token of applause, we’d like to recognize their fearless leaders who led the District’s learning communities.

    Here is what some of our principals had to say about them:

    Learning Services

    1. Cyndi Ambrose 

    "Cindy's commitment to growing and supporting Early College has been instrumental. Her feedback about data and support of our mission has been key to our success. 

    – Vanessa Denney (Principal, Early College High)

    Elementary Schools

    1. John Cobb

    “Thank you to Mr. Cobb!  You have always been available to listen to the challenges that we face at the school level in an effort to problem-solve for our students and school community.” – Michael Antonelli (Principal, Carolina Park Elementary)


    1. Michelle Simmons 

    “Michelle Simmons is a consummate professional who is constantly working in support of her schools. She is very strategic in her placement of principals at specific locations.  Ms. Simmons laid out her charge for the school and convincingly asked if I would consider a transfer; matching my skill set with the needs of the school. Ms. Simmons is very explicit in her analysis of the data and clear about the goals for each school. She listened intently to her principals’ goals and strategies for improvement, offered her expertise and insight, provided the support needed, and trusted me to deliver results.  Because Ms. Simmons understands the role of the principal and the unique challenges of each of her schools, she is able to differentiate the level of her direct leadership, or involvement, which has helped tremendously in our success.” – Janice Malone (Principal, Sanders-Clyde Elementary)

    1. Jennifer Swearingen

    “"Dr. Jennifer Swearingen makes herself available at all times by phone, text, or email. She is a master at providing feedback, observations, and suggestions in a way that is supportive and in a manner that is in the best interest of all children. Dr. Swearingen inspires me to be a better leader.” – Diane Benton (Principal, Pinehurst Elementary)

    Middle Schools

    1. Joseph Williams

    "For three straight years, Dr. Williams provided a level of support that not only played an instrumental role in Moultrie Middle School's success, but also to my personal and professional growth as an educator within CCSD. I have always and will always consider Dr. Williams an inspirational role model-- someone I will forever admire and look up to."   Ryan Cumback (Former, Principal, Moultrie Middle School)

    High Schools

    1. Sharon Randall

    On behalf of the cadet scholars, faculty, staff, foundation, and military advisory board of the Military Magnet Academy, we would like to offer our gratitude and thanks to both Dr. Joseph Williams and Ms. Sharon Randall for their support and assistance with providing our students with the experiences that will prepare them to be leaders in their future endeavors. Continue working to make the lives of the children in the MSLC and SLC better.”  – Robert Perrineau (Principal, MMA)


    On behalf of Wando High School, we wish to thank Sharon Randall for her leadership over the Secondary Learning Community.  Because of her high expectations and assistance, CCSD high schools rise to the challenges, perform, and reach our goals.  As a Palmetto Gold Award winner this year, we so appreciate her steadfast support,”  Sherry Eppelsheimer (Principal, Wando High School)


    Alternative Programs 

    1. Jennifer Coker
      The Department of Alternative Programs, under the direction of Jennifer Coker, has been beneficial to Chicora by assisting our specifically by providing intensive intervention support to those students who are need of that type of support. Our climate coach is always on hand to help us ensure that we are on track with our PBIS model and are staying the course for maximum student growth and performance. Lara Latto (Principal, Chicora Elementary School)