• Welcome to the Academic Magnet Foundation! Whether you’re new to the Magnet community or could just use a reminder, we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions:

    Who are we?

    The Academic Magnet Foundation is one of Magnet’s three dedicated parent groups, working together to support our exceptional school. Our mission is to enhance Magnet’s long-term excellence, funding important programs such as AP course training for teachers, classroom technology enhancements, and the very popular Summer Scholars orientation program for new students. Historically, we’ve also supported school awareness and diversity efforts, including the highly successful Advancing Charleston Excellence (ACE) program to recruit and mentor strong students from high-poverty index middle schools. Although the future can sometimes appear uncertain, our goal remains constant. The Foundation is here to ensure our school’s high standards for quality, achievement and stewardship for years to come.

    How has the Foundation responded in the pandemic? 

    Last year while adapting to a virtual world, we learned an important lesson. To thrive in the future and maintain the Magnet standard of excellence, teachers and students need the ability to seamlessly transition to and from remote learning when necessary. So, the Foundation stepped up. We surveyed, tested configurations, and created a state-of-the-art learning environment in several pilot classrooms, funding the required technology. Promethean boards, soundbars, stand-up adjustable desks, interactive tablets, and HD cameras - you’ll find this game-changing technology at AMHS. We’re proud of this effort and we’re just getting started!

    How can I help?

    We are so grateful to a generous Magnet community for making our mission a reality. In November, we’ll be launching our annual fall fundraising campaign. Stay tuned for more info on ways that families, business owners and community leaders can contribute. In the meantime, have a super start to the school year and take a moment to meet the leadership.


    AMHS Foundation Board for 2021-2022

    Charles Jordan: Chairman

    Jacob Perlmutter: Principal

    Bryan Pigford: Treasurer 

    Julia Martin: Co-Secretary

    Jay Meyer: Co-Secretary

    Joanna Ghegan: Board Member

    Jennifer Gould: Board Member

    Josh Hall: Board Member

    Pam Cox Jutte: Board Member

    Jeanne Kuyper: Board Member

    Amy Salzhauer: Board Member

    Debra Wilson: Board Member

    Have questions or ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you.

    Charles Jordan, charlesjordan@mvalaw.com

    General mailbox, academicmagnetfoundation@gmail.com

    Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/academicmagnetfoundation