• Impact of Dual Credit on High School Records 

    Student performance in dual credit courses will directly affect high school records and graduation requirements. In accordance with SC state policy, students will earn one unit toward the high school diploma for each 3-credit hour college course they successfully complete.

    South Carolina school districts are required to enter the earned numeric grade for each student to the respective high school or home school association at the end of each semester. Upon receipt of the official documentation from the college, each institution will award final grades according to the applicable grading scales. 

    TTC Grading Scale

    SC Uniform Grading Scale

    A     91-100

    A     90-100

    B     81-90

    B     80-89

    C     71-80

    C     70-79

    D     65-70

    D     60-69

    F     Below 65

    F     Below 60

    PLEASE NOTE: It is possible for students to receive two different letter grades for the same course. For example, in accordance with the appropriate grading scales, a grade of 90 will be reflected on the student’s TTC transcript as a B and on the high school transcript as a 90/A.