• School Uniform: Khaki pants/shorts/skirts; a visible, current R.B. Stall ID; and any shirt that meets CCSD guidelines or an R.B. Stall logo spirit shirt.


    CCSD Guidelines for Attire

    • Clothing is to be worn appropriately and in the manner for which it was designed.
    • Pants shall be worn at waist level.
    • Undergarments shall not be exposed at any time.
    • Clothing shall not reveal bare skin between upper chest and mid thigh.
    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses shall be of adequate length to assure modesty (at knee or below the knee).
    • Hats shall not be worn in school (unless approved for health or religious reasons).
    • Shoes shall be worn at all times.
    • All shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulders.
    • While on the R.B. Stall campus, students may not wear blankets, towels or bandanas as accessories on clothing, around the body or on book bags.
    • Health laws require that students wear shoes at all times.  To prevent accidents on the stairs, students should avoid wearing shoes that slide off easily.  Bedroom shoes or soft bottomed shoes are not permitted.
    • Students may wear special dress or costumes for special occasions when approved by the principal.
    • Students can wear a jacket in the building as long as proper school uniform is worn underneath.


    Prohibited Attire

    • Headgear including hats, athletic headbands, “durags,” bandanas, bonnets, nightcaps, sunglasses or any other headgear for males and/or females is not permitted and will be confiscated.  
    • The first time headgear is confiscated, it may be picked at the end of the day..  The second time headgear is confiscated parent picks up at the end of the next school day. When teachers or administrators confiscate headgear, it must be turned in to Ms. Johnson in the main office.
    • Clothing or other attire with words or images depicting or relating to tobacco, drugs, or alcohol
    • Clothing or other attire displaying inflammatory, suggestive, racial, or other inappropriate writing, advertisement, or artwork
    • Clothing or other attire displaying profanity, obscenity, violence, weapons, symbols of hate, or offensive content
    • Clothing, jewelry, accessories, and/or manner of grooming which indicates or implies gang membership or affiliation, such as spiked bracelets, chains or chokers of a size or design that may be considered or used as a weapon, as determined by the school administration.
    • Clothing or attire that is body contouring such as, but not limited to, leggings, jeggings, tights, or yoga pants worn without shirt or top that reaches fingertip length
    • Loungewear, pajamas, and bedroom slippers
    • Shirts, tops, or dresses that are backless, strapless, halter-style, cut-out, bare-shouldered, or spaghetti straps
    • Extreme clothing or other attire that would interfere with the learning process, cause a disruption of the educational environment, or be a health or safety hazard.


    Students will be required to adhere to the dress code policy.  If a student is not in proper school uniform, the student will be sent to the ISS room to resolve the uniform issue. If the issue cannot be resolved, the student will remain in the ISS room for the remainder of the day, and an administrator will adhere to the Progressive Discipline Plan.