• Student Rank and Grade Point Average (GPA) are calculated based on overall numeric grade awarded and the level of the course (CP, Honors, AP, etc) in which that grade was earned.  Increased quality points for courses are as follows:

    • Honors level courses add .5 quality point
    • Advanced Placement (AP)/International Baccalaureate (IB)/Dual Credit courses add 1.0 quality point

    GPA is calculated as an average of quality points earned based on all attempted credits. The GPA will be used to rank students from highest to lowest in their class. The GPA will be calculated to three decimal places and will not be rounded up. All diploma candidates will be included in the ranking and students who tie for a rank will share that rank. 

    Click here to open the SC Uniform Grading Scale (SCUGS) Conversion Table for specific quality points awarded for each numeric grade.