• Procedures for applying for admission vary from one college to another, but usually the first step is to visit the college’s web site and apply online or download an application.  You can also go to SC Scholar online to apply to multiple South Carolina Colleges.  Some college applications are also available in the College and Career Center located in guidance. 

    Generally students should begin applying to college at the beginning of their senior year.  College admission deadlines and early application dates differ from one college to another so please check admissions information on college web sites. 

    Students interested in applying to one of the service academies need to begin the process in the spring of their junior year or in the summer prior to your senior year.  ROTC Scholarship programs may have different requirements and deadlines so students should check each individual college deadline.

    Colleges and Universities may have different options for applying for admission.  Students should check with each institution to determine which admissions plan a particular college/university uses and which is the most advantages for that student.  Keep the following in mind when apply for college admissions

    Early Application/Admissions – Not all Colleges/Universities have this application option but for those that do, applying for admission under an Early Application plan is highly recommended.  Colleges that use the Early Action plan generally set their deadline from early October to the middle of December.   Student who apply under the Early Application program generally receive a decision sometime beginning in December until February, depending on the institution.

    Regular Admissions—The regular admissions process is the plan under which a student submits their application after the colleges Early Application deadline. Applications are evaluated and students are notified of their status as soon as a decision is made.  Most students apply to college under this plan.

    Rolling Admission—Rolling admissions is the plan under which applicants can submit an application at anytime during their senior year and receive a decision as soon as one is made.