• Adding/Dropping Classes

    Students are urged to carefully consider course selections during their annual IGP (individual Graduation Plan) Conferences.  Course requests should be made based on career goals, interests, and post-secondary plans. 

    Drop/Add requests are generally honored only for the following reasons:

    • When credit is needed for graduation and it is not available at any other time
    • When it is determined that credit has been previously earned
    • When a student has not passed the prerequisite for the next course
    • When a student has previously failed with a teacher and space is available in another section
    • When the administration determines a level change is necessary.

     Course Withdrawal Penalties

    Course withdrawals for reasons other than the above are subject to penalties as follows:

    With the first day of the course as the baseline, students who withdraw from a course after three days in a 45-day course, five days in a 90-day course, or ten days in a 180-day course shall be assigned a WF, and the WF (as a 61) will be calculated in the student’s overall grade point average.  The three, five, and ten-day limitations for withdrawing from a course without penalty may not always apply to course or course-level changes approved by the administration of the school.