• Our Shark Family is excited to have the MUSC edLINK program partner with our school.
    edLINK is a program that connects MUSC students with teachers in local public schools. Members of edLINK work directly with students in the classroom at least once a month throughout the school year. Volunteers provide hands on assistance in the same classroom throughout the year in order to build trust and rapport with students, the teacher, and the school staff. While in the classroom, edLINK participants can help teachers around the classroom, work with struggling students one on one, lead small groups, provide homework help, or even lead whole class lessons. Many edLINK members have tutored in the past or have considered careers in teaching and have a true interest and passion for education. Members also serve as mentors from a variety of job fields, from future doctors to health care administrators. MUSC volunteers strive to inspire students to see their potential, just as career days bring professionals to the classroom to show students the opportunities available to them through education. By participating in this program, MUSC students and teachers have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of students.