• Harborview Elementary School



  • Mark Connors Principal: Mr. Mark Connors 
    Address: 1576 Harbor View Road
    City & Zipcode: Charleston, SC 29412
    Phone: (843) 762-2749
    Fax: (843) 762-6207
    Website: harborview.ccsdschools.com
    Email: mark_connors@charleston.k12.sc.us
    Grades: CD - 5
    Type of School: Neighborhood
    Enrollment: 646
    Hours of Operation: 7:25 a.m. - 2:25 p.m.

  • Building Information

  • Harbor View The 80,000 sf, 600 students the elementary school was designed to be LEED Silver equivalent. Spaces include a combination cafeteria/ multi-purpose room, music room, science facility, classrooms with the latest computer technology and other required elements. Situated on a small 6-acre site the building is located to provide protection from the 4 lane road adjacent to the property. By wrapping the school around a central courtyard the design creates an outdoor teaching space between the cafeteria and classroom wings.

    Year Built
    : 2014
    Square Footage: 86,811
    Acreage: 6.1

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