• Punctuality is one of the most important skills that a person can learn. It is a skill that directly correlates to an individual’s success in the business world or in any occupation. Parents should have students at school on time each day. Furthermore, student are expected to be in their individual classes on time. Late arrival (tardiness) results in interruptions to the learning process for the tardy student as well for the other students in the class. Additionally, the tardy student misses important instruction.

    Tardiness falls under the Student Code of Conduct and is considered Disorderly Conduct, a Level 1 offense. Disciplinary consequences for tardiness would fall under Level 1 suggestions for consequences with multiple or chronic offense requiring administrative action.

    School begins promptly at 8:15 AM Students should arrive before 8:15 AM and be inside their classroom and prepared for class no later than 8:15 AM. If students arrive after 8:15 AM they must report to the main office for a tardy pass.

    Students who arrive at school after 8:41 AM will be considered absent for their first period class and should produce a school excuse when arriving.

    If a student is late to any class throughout the day, they must have a tardy pass from the main office in order to enter the classroom. Once the student reaches their 3rd tardy from a class (excluding first period), they will enter the disciplinary process.


    Procedures for Habitual and Chronic Tardies

    At three (3) tardies from a class other than first period, students will receive a principal’s detention. At seven (7) tardies from a class other than first period, students will receive a Saturday Detention (SD). At 10 tardies from a class other than first period, students and parents will be scheduled for a mandatory conference and be placed on an attendance contract. Problems after 10 tardies may be referred to the Board of Directors.

    Students who are habitually or chronically late for the start of the school day (arrive after 8:15 AM) will enter the disciplinary process on their 11th tardy, this is different than the procedures for other classes throughout the day.

    On a student’s 11th first period tardy, they will receive a detention. Any further morning tardies will result in an intervention meeting between parents and school administration.