• Absences in High School are accrued per course. Note: classes missed during early dismissals count toward the maximum number of allowable absences in any one class.

    Standard/Regular Schedule (Full Year Course)- Students must attend at least 170 days
    of each 180-day (year) course and at least 85 days of each 90-day (semester) course, as well as meet the minimum requirements for each course. The first ten (10) absences may be lawful, unlawful, or a combination. Absences in excess of ten (10) may cause students to lose credit for the year. All absences beginning with the eleventh (11th) must be lawful and will be excused if they fall within the guidelines for lawful absences.

    A. Approval of Absences in Excess of Ten (10) Days and Award of Credit
    Approval or Disapproval of Absences: For the purpose of awarding credit for the year, the principal, shall

    approve or disapprove any student’s absence in excess of ten (10) days, regardless as to whether those absences are lawful, unlawful, or a combination of the two.
    B. Credit for any course may be denied if the student does not meet attendance requirements.

    Credit will be denied regardless of whether absences are lawful: excused (exc), unexcused (unx), or unlawful: unverified (unv), cut (cut) or truant (tru).

    Exceptions for Denial of Credit are limited to:
    1. Court intervention with appropriate documentation
    2. Serious illness (chronic or long term) or a disabling injury with medical

    3. Death in the immediate family with appropriate documentation 4. Other extraordinary hardships with appropriate documentation

    C. In order to receive one Carnegie unit of credit, a student must be in attendance at least 120 hours, per unit, regardless of the number of days missed. Students whose absences are approved should be allowed to make up any work missed, at the discretion of the principal, in order to satisfy the 120-hour requirement.

    D. To Meet minimum attendance requirements, students may be required to make-up seat time to receive credit for courses.

    E. In conjunction with the principal, the attendance clerk will develop scheduled class-
    makeup days for absences each year. Students who have excessive unlawful absences will
    be assigned seat-time makeup hours/days at the discretion of the school leader. Assigned seat-time
    make-up hours will allow a student to make up time for missed class periods and avoid the risk of being denied credit due to excessive absences. The student must be engaged in class work the entire makeup period.
    The student is responsible for obtaining appropriate class work from his/her teacher. Any student
    may be dismissed for not following the directors of the proctor. Any student who is dismissed
    will not receive credit for the makeup.

    F. College Visits: Allegro High School students in the upper grades are permitted two college visit days with official documentation each year. Official college visit forms are available in the counseling office or from the college. These forms should be completed, stamped, and signed by college officials. Catalogs, brochures, and parent notes are not sufficient to document an official college visit.

    G. Procedures for Make-Up Work: Regardless of an excused or unexcused absence, students will have one school day for each school day absent to make up work. Students should always be able to access missed assignments on teacher websites or by emailing the teacher directly. Students and parents/guardians must request missed work from teachers directly.