• Bus Passes 

    Due to limited seating availability on most school buses, the following procedures must be followed in order for your student to ride a bus they are not assigned to:

    • Parents must send their student to school with a written request asking for permission to ride home with a bus rider which is brought to the front office during home room.  This must be done each time the student needs to ride a bus that is not their assigned home bus.
      • Notes must include date, bus number they will need to ride, bus stop they will be exiting at, names of the student and the friend that they are riding with, parent's name and daytime phone number.
    • The office staff will contact the parents to confirm the information.   Verbal confirmation must occur before a bus pass can be issued.
    • Permission will only occur IF there is available seating, which may not be known until dismissal when all assigned students have boarded the bus.  For this reason, it is imperative to have alternate transportation available if the requested bus is at capacity.