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    Tips for Use

    This data center includes a variety of links below that you can use to access summarized data (in graphical or tabular form) about Charleston County schools. There are a few tools that you may use to help you make the most of this data center. Each of those tools is described below. 

    Note that for each data display, there are filters on the right hand side of the screen that will allow you to customize the graphs and tables, based on your interest. For example, each graph or table includes a filter to allow you to select only particular schools of interest to include in the data display. See the example below.


    On each graph or table, if you scroll toward the bottom, right-hand side of the screen, you will see toolbar (see figure below). The fourth icon from the left will allow you to share a link to the graph or table with others. The last icon will allow you to see the graph or table in full screen mode, which makes some charts easier to read. 





    SCPASS Science

    End-of-Course Examination Program (EOC/EOCEP)

    Graduation Rate


    School-level SC READY Results vs. School Poverty Levels (Includes All South Carolina Schools)

    School-level EOCEP Results vs. School Poverty Levels (Includes All South Carolina Schools)