• What is Work-based Learning

  • Work-based Learning (WBL) experiences offer students the opportunity to apply skills learned through academic coursework in real-world professional environments.

    Business partners are offered specific WBL requests from students they can confirm or defer.

    Each connection is facilitated by a WBL Coordinator to ensure optimal outcomes.

    WBL Assignments – organized & assigned by a teacher

    • Structured Field Study (aka CTE Field-Trip) & Solo On-site Job Shadowing – single workplace visit by one student or a group of students with a specific career interest
    • Career Camps & Externships – usually multiple visits fostering a deeper relationship with a business host

    WBL Credit Bearing Course Opportunities:

    Students can earn high school Carnegie units and compensation, if offered by employer

    • Internships & Mentoring (60 hours = ½ credit; 120 hours = 1 credit)
    • Youth Apprenticeships – 2-year structured program; can be offered with a dual credit portion in cooperation Trident Tech & Apprenticeship Carolina

    WBL Course experiences can count toward the special recognition of “Completer” at graduation, further enhancing students’ college & career readiness. Students turn in a weekly journal and signed timesheets to their Teacher of Record. Two supervisor evaluations are completed, one at the mid-point, and one at the end of the experience. Academic credit requirements, compensation, and activities vary with each WBL placement.