•    An ATeachCharleston lternative Pathway to Teacher          Certification in Charleston County

    Thank you for your interest in TeachCharleston: Charleston County School District's pathway for talented, knowledgeable, and passionate individuals to pursue a South Carolina teacher certification in the areas of math, science, and English at the secondary level (middle and high schools). The three-year teacher development program provides training and professional learning in a cohort setting to prepare and support selected participants for classrooms in CCSD while the Fellow works as a teacher in one of the district's secondary schools. 

    A Message from Jenna Glenn, the Teach Charleston Program Administrator: Jenna Glenn, M.Ed. Teach Charleston Administrator

    Everyone's journey is uniquely their own, and Teach Charleston offers a pathway to teacher certification that provides exemplary training prior to school placement and on-the-job mentor support throughout the year. There are on-going professional development opportunities through Monthly Fellowships and Quarterly Seminars. 

    If you are called to teach and you have the drive and passion to make a positive difference for the youth in our community: Follow me to TeachCharleston!



    Eligibility Requirements

    We would love you to join us if you meet the following eligibility requirements for the application process for TeachCharleston.


    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 21 credit hours in math, science, or English;
    • Transcripts with a minimum overall 2.75 GPA OR completion of all required coursework with a minimum grade equivalency of “C”;
    • Writing sample;
    • Passing score on the content area assessment(s).


    TeachCharleston Application Process


    Step 1: Prior to beginning the online application, please complete the TeachCharleston Interest Survey.

    Step 2: Access the South Carolina Department of Education's (SCDE) website to complete the Steps to Apply for Certification. Indicate you are seeking certification through Teach Charleston in the online application through the CATS portal.

    Step 3: Access Charleston County School District’s (CCSD) Online Application system to begin the application process. Online applications may only be submitted once per educator but may be updated through the application system. 

    Upload the following documents to your CCSD application:


    Step 4: Eligible candidates are considered for TeachCharleston Fellowship through an Initial Interview, and Writing Prompt. Eligible candidates will be contacted via email for appointments. 

    Upon successful completion of the selection process, eligible candidates will be issued a TeachCharleston Statement of Eligibility (TCSOE) from CCSD. 

    Employment with CCSD

    After receiving a TCSOE from CCSD, applicants are eligible to seek employment in CCSD as a TeachCharleston Fellow. 

    TeachCharleston Fellows may find it helpful to review job availability through the CCSD application system, Applitrack. Fellows are required to secure employment with CCSD prior to participation in TeachCharleston Basic Training I. 

    TeachCharleston Fellows who are hired for a teaching position with CCSD will be asked to complete a Confirmation of Employment (COE). The COE is shared with the South Carolina Department of Education for certification purposes.

    In addition to a one-year employment contract with CCSD, TeachCharleston Fellows also submit the TeachCharleston Agreement to Human Resources. 

    TeachCharleston Fellows – Program Overview

    TeachCharleston is a three-year program. The following overview includes information about each year of the program. The timeline provided begins after employment is confirmed. 

    Academic Year One:
    Fellows attend and successfully complete the following as indicated:
    Basic Training I – 10-day training in July
    Summer Institute I – 5-day training in August
    Monthly Fellowships 
    Quarterly Seminars 

    Academic Year Two:
    Fellows attend and successfully complete the following as indicated:
    Basic Training II – 10-day training in June
    Summer Institute II – 3-day training in August
    Quarterly Seminars
    PLT exam

    Academic Year Three:
    Fellows attend and successfully complete the following as indicated:
    Summer Institute III – 1-day training in August
    District-Approved Professional Learning Opportunities 
    Complete a Focus Project
    Request for Professional Certificate