• Teacher Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I apply for a position with CCSD?

    Please follow the detailed instructions provided at Teacher Hiring Process Overview.

    How will I know I am being considered for a position?

    An AppliTrack application must be completed which includes all required documentation.

    Do teacher candidates have to attend a recruitment event?

    The teacher recruiting events allows school administrators to personally meet exceptional candidates. As a result, the principal can best determine whether or not the talents of a particular candidate match up with the particular needs of the school and students. Please visit www.teachincharleston.com for further details. The website will post the most detailed and accurate information for each area of certification. View that site on a regular basis and contact the Recruitment Specialists with any questions on appropriate employment opportunities.

    How do I get invited to upcoming recruitment events?

    Check on the website to view dates of all upcoming recruitment events. Once you have completed the online CCSD application, please email the appropiate Recruitment Specialist requesting that your application be reviewed for a specific event based upon your certification area. Once the Recruitment Specialist has reviewed your completed application and you are appropriately certified and appear to be eligible for employment, you will be invited to attend the appropriate recruitiment event.

    I am not able attend any recruiting events or need special accommodations?

    Contact a Recruitment Specialist to discuss your particular situation and the Recruitment Specialist will discuss the variety of ways that the issues can be best addressed. CCSD encourages all applicants to fully examine the many avenues available to pursue employment options. A Recruitment Specialist will review any means available to complete all required components of the CCSD employment process and will work to make any arrangements possible based on an individual's particular needs.

    What are the Special Content Areas?

    Special content areas are identified teaching position that requires candidates achieve very specific certification in the following teaching positions.

    • Math (middle and high school grade levels)
    • Science (all types of science for middle and high school grade levels)
    • Spanish (elementary, middle, and high school grade levels)
    • Special Education Teachers (elementary, middle, and high school grade levels)

    Am I allowed to Contact Principals Directly?

    All applicants must complete the AppliTrack application and upload all required documents. Apply to all vacancies of interest, contact the appropriate Recruitment Specialist for a review of your application, and then contact Principals directly to express interest in a specific vacancy.

    Only candidates who have completed an AppliTrack application and applied for a teacher position(s) through AppliTrack will be viewed by principals for vacancies. Principals will select candidates for interviews for the teacher vacancies at the school and the principal makes a hiring recommendation for the teacher vacancy. Once the principal recommends a candidate for employment, a Recruitment Specialist will begin the clearance process and contact the candidate to let them know what documents are needed in order to move forward with the hiring recommendation.