ASM-HGMS students will be required to wear uniforms to school beginning the first day.

    6th grade- Solid Red Collared Shirts with khaki slacks, shorts, or skirts.

    7th grade- Solid Navy Blue Collared Shirts with khaki slacks, shorts, or skirts.

    8th grade- Solid White or Black Collared Shirts with khaki slacks, shorts, or skirts.

    All students may wear PLAIN NON-HOODED cardigans, sweatshirts, or sweaters that are SOLID red, white, gray or navy blue only. The collar of the student’s uniform shirt should be seen when wearing a sweatshirt or cardigan.

    • All shirts must be plain, solid, and have a collar.
    • Bottoms must have a belt.
    • Skirts are to be a maximum of 4” above the knee.
    • Students are not allowed to wear Jackets, Hooded Sweatshirts or any Coats in the building.
    • Shoes must be closed toed and with a back.

    Dress Code Exceptions

    Dress Down Days – Occasionally, students will be given the opportunity to “dress down” as a reward or for fund-raisers.


    1. Students may not wear any clothing that reveals bare skin between the upper chest and mid-thigh. This includes clothing that reveals skin or undergarments by way of rips, tears, or holes in this area. Shoulders must be covered at all times (no sleeveless shirts or tank tops).

    2. Clothing must fit appropriately. Pants and shorts will be worn at the waist.

    3. Clothing must be appropriate for the educational setting. Undershirts as the only garment and sweat pants are NOT acceptable attire outside the gym. See-through clothing and pajamas are not acceptable at any time.

    4. No clothing, jewelry, or accessory will be permitted that displays profanity, weapons, violence, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, drug advertisements or other inappropriate phrases or symbols as determined by the administration.

    5. The minimum length of skirts, shorts, etc., must reach the point of the leg that is 4 inches above the knee

    6. Students may not wear hats, sweat bands, goggles, bandanas, hair picks, or any headgear on campus. Hooded sweatshirts, sweaters, or shirts may not be worn.



    Administrators reserve the right to prohibit any jewelry, accessory or hair style that may be a distraction or safety issue to other students.



    Students not dressed properly may lose privileges and/or be removed from class. Parents may be contacted to bring appropriate clothing to school in order to keep students in the learning environment or student will be subject to disposition per CCSD’s Progressive Discipline Plan.