ECMCS Parents of Students in Grades 3-7, now is the time to nominate your child for Artistically Gifted and Talented (GTR). Students who are identified as GTR have opportunities in the Arts beyond their regular coursework in school. Being identified as GTR provides students the opportunity to participate in District-sponsored GTR activities.Currently, CCSD serves GTR students with three different opportunities, two during the school year, and one during the summer. During the school year, identified students can participate in District Orchestra and in Charleston Children’s Chorus. During the summer, GTR identified students have the opportunity to participate in the summer SMAART program (Students Mastering the Academic ARTs).Students at any CCSD school in grades 3 through 7 are eligible to go through the process to be identified as GTR.Once a student is GTR identified in a specific area, they remain identified in that Arts area for the remainder of their school career. Students do not need to reapply each year in order to qualify in their already identified Arts area.Students wishing to be GTR identified in a different Arts area than their previously identified area WILL need to go through the GTR process in the new Arts area.
    More information on the CCSD VPA website
    • The Nomination Window is open now.  Please see the nomination form HERE. Students may be nominated for evaluation in music, dance, drama, and visual art. Students can complete an application for two areas.
    • November 1 @ noon - Nomination window closes
    • December 1 - Deadline for Audition Uploads, including survey to Google Drive

    Please send an email to the specific Arts area teacher at our school to let them know you have nominated your child. After you have emailed the appropriate teacher, they will send you information about the requirements. Required materials vary, depending on the Arts area. 

    Music (vocal & instrumental): angiealves@montessoricharterschool.com- Ms. Angie will help collect nominations until we have our new music teacher.
    Art: gracehyatt@montessoricharterschool.com
    Theater: nickbrown@montessoricharterschool.com
    Dance: marieconnelly@montessoricharterschool.com 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Angie Alves at angiealves@montessoricharterschool.com