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  • Teacher Salary Schedule 2019-2020

    Math Classroom Teacher Incentive Schedule for High Poverty Schools*

    * Applies to classroom teachers (teachers of record) who are math certified (South Carolina certification codes 10, 11, and 1F) and are teaching math. Does not apply to Math Coaches, Math Interventionists or like positions. High Poverty Schools: Advanced Studies West Ashley, Baptist Hill, Burke High, Daniel Jenkins Academy, Deer Park Middle, Garrett Academy of Technology, Hursey Elementary, James Simons Elementary, Liberty Hill Academy, Military Magnet Academy, Morningside Middle, North Charleston High, Northwoods Middle, R.B. Stall High, Septima P. Clark Academy, Simmons-Pinckney Middle, St. James-Santee, St. John's High, and Zucker Middle.

    Select Schools Teacher Salary Schedule 2019-2020

    *Applies to classroom teachers (teachers of record) compensated on the teacher salary schedule at the following schools: Burns Elementary, Minnie Hughes Elementary, Simmons Pinckney Middle, Burke High, Mitchell Elementary, St. James Santee Elementary, Charleston Progressive, Morningside Middle, St. John's High, Chicora Elementary, North Charleston Elementary, Stall High, Frierson Elementary, North Charleston High, Stono Park Elementary, Mary Ford Elementary, Sanders-Clyde Elementary. Does not apply to coaches, interventionists or like positions. 

    Non-Exempt Hourly Rates 2019-2020

    To calculate your annual salary based on an hourly rate:

    1. Find your DBM and step;
    2. Multiply the corresponding hourly rate by 8 hours (a normal, full time work day);
    3. Multiply the answer in #2 by the number of days worked per year (i.e. 170, 180, 190, 210, 218, 222, 240, or 262);
    4. Multiply the answer in #3 by the fte (i.e. 1.0, .875, .50, etc.);
    5. The answer is your annual salary
    • Example: DBM A13 Step 5
    • Hourly Rate = $13.63
    • $13.63 x 8 hrs worked per day = $109.04
    • $109.04 x 210 days = $22,898.40
    • $22,898.40 x .80 fte = Your annual rate of $18,318.72

     Annual Salaries for Exempt/Salaried Employees for 2019-2020

    Below are annual salaries for exempt/salaried employees (i.e. Principals, Assistant Principals, Executive Director, Director, Team Associates, Supervisors, etc.)