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    Office of Assessment and Evaluation Services

    We manage systems that enable our district and all employees to make data-based decisions that will elevate student achievement and close achievement gaps between students.

    • Develop and support continuous improvement efforts to enable our district and all stakeholders to make data-based decisions that promote increased opportunity, achievement, and access for all students
    • Ensure a comprehensive system of assessment and reporting for student, classroom, school, and district progress monitoring and performance using a variety of metrics, including measures of academic performance, life and career skills and characteristics, and physical, social, and emotional well-being
    • Collaborate with the district and school leadership on sustaining and refining a district-wide reporting, and accreditation and accountability system, including Cognia and state accreditation, district, state, and federal level reporting, and program evaluation

    How We Directly Support Schools

    • Oversee assessments that measure student, educator, and school-wide performance
    • Provide data analyses to assist in high-quality decision-making at each school
    • Manage data information systems: Data Central, PowerSchool, Enrich
    • Program evaluation and research

    Our Core Services Include

    • Reviewing and explaining state and federal accountability and accreditation for CCSD and schools
    • Managing student enrollment data that determines state and federal funding
    • Organizing, facilitating, and analyzing state and district-wide assessments
    • Maintaining essential student data systems
    • Conducting, analyzing, and sharing results of School Quality Reviews
    • Utilizing a variety of data and assessment information to identify achievement and opportunity gaps and assist in the development and implementation of beneficial strategies

    Contact Us with Questions About...

    • State and federal accountability, Cognia, and state accreditation processes 
    • Assessments that measure student, educator, and school-wide performance
    • Important data to assist in high-quality decision-making at each school 
    • Management of student enrollment data that determines state and federal funding
    • The PowerSchool and SmartChoice systems 


    Student assessments include both formative and summative assessments. The results of the assessments are used by all stakeholders to make the program, staffing, professional development, instructional, financial, and personnel decisions. Formative assessments are on-going and are used as the basis for drawing conclusions about examinees to inform the instructional process. Summative assessments are used for accreditation and accountability reporting.

    Program Evaluation

    The Office of Assessment and Evaluation provides program evaluation and research support for the district, learning communities, and CCSD schools. Program evaluation involves the systematic study of interventions and programs in our schools to see if they are effective in reaching their goals. We conduct program evaluations of key initiatives in our district as well as evaluations of new innovations within individual schools in our district. The research we conduct varies in terms of focus but it may include topics such as examining achievement gaps or identifying methods to reduce them; examining trends in achievement data over time, across subjects, or across schools; or identifying predictors of a student, teacher, or school success. We also conduct research to support grant-funded work in the district. All of the research and evaluation work we do is used to support continual improvement of district and school initiatives.