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  • What is the Montessori Model?

    The Montessori education model debuted in 1907 with Maria Montessori’s first school, the Casa dei Bambini, which was part of an urban renewal project in a low-income district of Rome.

    Montessori is child-centered education from birth to adulthood. In the Montessori classroom, students work with specially designed materials, manipulating and investigating until they master a particular lesson.

    In the elementary years, the child continues to organize his thinking through work with the learning materials and an interdisciplinary educational approach based on scientific observations of curriculum as he or she passes from the concrete to the abstract. The child directly applies this knowledge to real-world experiences. This organization of information—facts and figures—prepares the child for the world of adolescence, when thought and emotion evolve into understanding more abstract, universal concepts such as equity, freedom, and justice.

    Trained and credentialed teachers are the foundation of Montessori education.

    Which CCSD Schools Offer Montessori Programs?

    Charleston County School District parents indicate that they want Montessori education as an option for their children. As a result, we are expanding opportunities throughout the district.

    Please click on each of the schools to learn more about the application process.


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