•  Pre-K / CD Application Page

  • Pre-Kindergarten Child Development (CD) in Charleston County School District application information.

    CCSD Pre-K/Child Development (CD) application process opens on January 24, 2023, at noon for the 2023-2024 school year.

    CCSD offers Pre-Kindergarten Child Development (CD) programs for students who reside in Charleston County and will be four years old by September 1st, 2023. 
    When applying for CCSD Pre-K program, it is for the child’s zoned school. 

    Pre-K/Child Development Programs are funded through GOF (local), and CERDEP funds (state). They allow the district to provide instruction for eligible students. CCSD's Pre-K/ Child Development programs are designed to develop skills necessary for success in Kindergarten.

    Program: This is a full-day, everyday program, which continues throughout the school year.  Regular attendance is needed to remain enrolled in the program.

    *At this time, CCSD does not have universal Pre-K.  Children receive priority points based on application questions and an individualized DIAL-4 screening score.  Children with the most priority points are qualified for Pre-K Child Development during each round. 

    CCSD offers (limited) Pre-K Kindergarten 3K programs for students who reside in Charleston County and are three years old by September 1st, 2023.

  • Video Application Instructions

  • Recording Link: Parent Directions:  https://watch.screencastify.com/v/GDhGiCOKvDA0sD0DZrWr

    Documents needed to upload to the online application:

      • Child’s Birth Certificate

      • Child’s IEP ( if the child has one) 

      • Medicaid Card

      • Income verification needed for CERDEP identified schools.  *See schools below  (proof of gross income-the total money earned or received before deductions for the past twelve months) Ex: 2021 tax return (1040, W2,1099), Social Security income received for the past 12 months, or last two months of pay stubs.

      • Insert verbiage for CERDEP here.

  • IMPORTANT- Proof of income is required for:

IMPORTANT- Proof of income is required for:

    #1 Submit Application online

    -Submit an online application for CCSD Pre-K/Child Development Program in the application and registration portal.*

    -Available on the www.ccsdschools.com homepage on January 24th at noon for the link.

    -Application is available on January 24, 2023 at noon. 

    -Parents interested in Charleston Progressive Academy email ccsdprek@charleston.k12.sc.us or call 843-937-7916.

    -Parents are encouraged to apply early.

    Paper copies are available (as needed):

    English & Spanish applications are available

    -Call 843-937-7914 and we can mail a copy of the application to your home address.

    -Email: ccsdprek@charleston.k12.sc.us

    #2 Once the application has been completed & submitted

    You will receive a confirmation email to the email on the application.

    #3 Notification of Status

    • Round 1 qualification/waitlist notifications will be sent the week of June 1st, 2023. Please check your email often.
    • If your child is on the waitlist, there will not be a number of they place on the waitlist until after round 2 if the child is still on the waitlist after round 2.
    • Round 2 qualified/waitlist notifications will be sent the week of August 1, 2023. 
      If you are zoned for Meeting Street @ Burns or Meeting Street @ Brentwood, please contact the school directly for directions on how to apply.

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