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  • The Office of Expanded Learning leads Charleston County School Districts' after school efforts (Kaleidoscope). Kaleidoscope is a fee based program that operates using an income based sliding scale for tuition. The office also manages several 21st Century Afterschool Grants, summer programs as well as after school enrichment classes such as chess, dance, art, coding, engineering, foreign language, music, and lacrosse.

    Our Mission 

    Provide high quality after school care in a safe, challenging environment. Our programs provide age-appropriate activities which focus on the physical, social, emotional and educational needs of our students.

    How Are We Organized?

    Each after school program has one dedicated Site Coordinator on staff to handle the day-to-day operations and management of the program. Each of our 45 Site Coordinators reports to one of the five Program Officers.  Our department currently has five Program Officers who oversee all programs. Each Program Officer is responsible for 8-10 after school programs.  

    Contact Us

    If you have general questions, please call Christy Bennett @ 843-754-7072 cell.  
    If you have questions about RevTrak or online billing, please call Wallace Bonds @ 843-801-6530.

    Program Site Coordinators and Central Office Team

    Meet the Central Office Team


    News and Announcements

    **Update as of September 29, 2020**
    At this time, we are slowly building our capacity at each site and adding new students as space opens up and staff are hired. If you are interested in our services, you should reach out to the Site Coordinator at your school and ensure you are added to the waiting list. Again, the most appropriate person to speak with about the Kaleidoscope program is the school Site Coordinator. As conditions in our schools and community improve, we will continue to expand our programs and add more students. Please note, we are limited in our ability to add more students because of space and the staffing challenges we are currently experiencing so please be patient with us. 

    For end of year tax purposes, our federal tax id is 576000322.  To print up your end of year tax statements from your Rev Trak account, please read these instructions.

    Check out our online registration and payment portal called RevTrak. Our online system allows you to create an account, sign up for Kaleidoscope and our enrichment offerings, pay online, print off your tax statements and view year to date invoices and payments.  

    For Parents 

    For Enrichment Partners

    All interested after school providers wishing to provide enrichment services with the Office of Expanded Learning must complete an application form. We accept applications on a rolling basis and review them twice a year.