• Immunizations for CCSD


    Tdap Vaccination is a Requirement for all students before beginning 7th Grade.


    The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control requires specific vaccinations for students based on their age. It is very important to check with your doctor and make an appointment for your child to receive any required vaccinations. Proof of immunization must be provided to your school, and forgetting to schedule vaccinations may prevent your student from returning to school on time at the beginning of the year and result in suspension from school.

    South Carolina law requires the following shots in order for a child to be admitted to any CCSD school program Head Start/Early Childhood Development-12th Grade:


    2019-20 Immunization Reqiurements for 7-18 years old


    2019-20 Immunization Requirements

    State Law Immunization Requirements 2019

    Vacunas Recomendadas (2019 CDC Requirements)



    Where to get an immunization?

    You can go to your personal medical provider, clinics, or to one of the local Clinic & Health Departments listed below. Please note that SC DHEC Immunization Clinics are by appointment only and book up quickly. Please schedule an appointment with your child's health care provider or call DHEC in advance for an appointment. To schedule an appointment at a DHEC clinic, patients must call the DHEC appointment line at: 1-855-472-3432.