• Security and Emergency Management

  • The Security and Emergency Management team's mission is to promote and support an environment that fosters life safety and the continuation of the learning process within the Charleston County School District.  This is accomplished through comprehensive emergency planning, the delivery of effective training, developing community partnerships, employing effective security measures, and providing situational guidance to school staff and administrators during critical incidents.

    Thank you for your interest in learning more about our district's campus safety programs!  Please reach out to the Security and Emergency Management office with any questions.

  • Contact Us

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    Michael Reidenbach
    Executive Director of
    Security and Emergency Management

    24/7 Security Operations Center:
    (843) 296-2166

    Administrative Line (Business Hours):
    (843) 308-6580

    SpeakUp Tip Line: (877) 250-2790

    Mailing Address:
    3999 Bridge View Drive
    North Charleston, SC  29405

    General Email: security@charleston.k12.sc.us

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