• Middle School Morning Care & Transportation Clarification


    Middle school students may not use the morning care program at the elementary school. Morning care is offered at the middle school beginning at 7:00 am ($5/Daily and can be paid via REVTRAK). The only way a middle school student will be transported from the elementary school to the middle school in the morning is if that student is brought to the elementary school via a morning bus route above.

    **Times are approximate and subject to change.


    Route (updated 7/21/21)



    This service will transport elementary school students to the middle school each afternoon.

    The cost per child per semester is $100 or $180 for the year. https://ogcs.revtrak.net/-web-store-home/bus-shuttle/

    If you have questions about this service please email Mr. Schonveld at Steven_Schonveld@orangegrovecharter.com


Last Modified on July 21, 2021