West Ashley High School from above.
  • Residents of the West Ashley community attended one high school, St. Andrew’s High School, until 1970.  At that time, the community was growing and the decision was made to convert St. Andrew’s Junior High School to a second high school.  The second high school became known as Middleton High School.  The two schools served the community for thirty years until May of 2000.

    In August of 2000, the schools merged to form West Ashley High School. A new facility, planned to house the students, had been under construction for three years. Delays in construction prompted the school to officially open on two campuses.  All ninth and self-contained special education classes attended the majority of their classes on the St. Andrew’s Campus. The rest of the student body spent their time at the Middleton Campus.

    The following year, with the opening of the new facility, all students attended classes at the site of the present school located just off Glenn McConnell Boulevard.

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