• Miss Jane Edwards

    Miss Jane Edwards was born on February 29, 1860, in Charleston, South Carolina. She came to Edisto Island at an early age. She received her education at Avery Institute and became licensed to teach in 1877. She first taught at Central School near Steamboat Landing Road. Later, she taught and was principal at Borough (Burrough) School on Pine Landing Road. After serving as an educator on Edisto Island for 66 years, Miss Edward retired reluctantly in January or February of 1945 at the age of 84. She remarked that she could not understand the regulations that made a person retire whether they wanted to or not.


    On March 15, 1954, a new elementary school opened, and four schools on Edisto Island (Borough, Whaley Industrial, Central, and Seaside) were consolidated. The new school was named Jane Edwards School. There were 383 students enrolled. At the age of 94, Miss Edwards was present the day the new school was dedicated. She stated, “Reading is the key that unlocks the door to everything. I wonder if they’ll read better in this new school. My students know how to read.” 


    Miss Jane Edwards died in her home on Edisto Island on December 16, 1963, at the age of 103. Her grave now has a headstone at Calvary AME Church on Pine Landing Road.

  • School Philosophy

    Education is a stimulating learning experience that meets the needs of each student. The school program at Jane Edwards School revolves around the students and their collective and individual needs. We believe the students should have; the freedom to think, to explore their world, to feel good about themselves; and the ability to be comfortable in their relationships with their teachers and classmates. The school program encourages each student to stretch to the limit of his or her ability; setting high standards and expectations for themselves.

    Schoolwide standards of student and teacher conduct are clearly and thoroughly stated, and applied fairly and consistently. An environment and atmosphere exist that is attractive, non-threatening and conducive to optimum educational and emotional growth of the students. The program is comprehensive, encompassing a strong academic base, enrichment activities, aesthetic experiences and opportunities for social, emotional and physical growth.

    The foundation of quality leadership is based on strong leadership and team effort on the part of the administration and staff. It is through a cooperative team effort that we strive to prepare students to function as leaders in society; to engage in meaningful and productive activities as adult citizens; to practice self-discipline; to respect the rights of others; to value hard work and independence and to achieve success in essential life situations.