• Maintenance

  • Tools Collaboration with Schools

    • The Electrical Shop had the opportunity to visit with students of Hunley Park Elementary School. The students enjoyed learning about the bucket truck, along with some of the other tools they use on the job. 
    • Kurt Huffman, our Environmental Manager, was able to amaze and hold the attention of students at Pepperhill Elementary while educating them about thermal readings and infrared technologies. 

  • Maintenance Branch Shops

    Our Maintenance Branch consists of several shops (listed below), who help address the needs of our facilities within CCSD. If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out to us.

    Auto Shop - 843-566-1956 
    Carpentry Shop - 843-746-7455
    Electrical Shop - 843-566-7274
    Plumbing Shop - 843-566-7276
    Lock Shop - 843-566-1963
    Tiger Team - 843-566-1960
    Preventive Maintenance - 843-566-3928