• Random Search Program

    Search team member demonstrating a school search on a CCSD employeeAs a part of a comprehensive campus safety program, the Charleston County School District (CCSD) employs a Random Search Program. Although this program is primarily used in high schools, some components may also be seen in the middle schools.  Random searches are conducted to deter individuals from bringing weapons and contraband to school or school-sponsored activities, curtail the threat of violence, and foster a safe learning environment.  Schools have a responsibility to ensure that its students are safe.  If a student feels that he/she may be subjected to a search while at school, he/she will hopefully be less likely to bring contraband, such as a weapon, to school.

    Random searches in schools involve the search of individuals and their personal belongings selected based on a pre-determined, systematic pattern or guideline. For example, students in a randomly selected classroom, riding on a randomly selected bus, or entering the school through a randomly selected door may be searched.  These random searches are conducted in a manner consistent with a search you would undergo when preparing to board an airplane, enter a government building, attend an event at a performance venue, or enter a theme park.

    Parent/Student Resources

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