• 2021-2022 SC/NSPRA Recognitions


    Charleston County School District’s (CCSD) Division of Strategy and Communications, along with five schools, combined to receive a state-best 21 awards in the 2022 Rewards for Excellence program, sponsored by the South Carolina Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association (SC/NSPRA). The honors include three “Best in Show” honors in the District Excellence in Writing category, School Social Media (Cooper River Center for Advanced Studies, and School Website (R.B. Stall High School).

    SC/NSPRA recognized 119 programs and projects from across the state during a ceremony on Friday, May 13, 2022, in Columbia.

    Rewards for Excellence recognizes outstanding communications and public relations efforts by South Carolina schools, school districts, and education agencies and associations. Public relations veterans with extensive experience in educational and business communications evaluated a total of 217 entries from the school and district levels.

    The program features the following three main awards categories:  

    • Medallion (for comprehensive public relations programs)
    • Golden Achievement (for a single project or an aspect of a comprehensive program)
    • Publications and Electronic Media (for individual products designed to improve communication)

    The following entries from the district and CCSD schools were honored in this year’s Rewards for Excellence program:


    Excellence in Writing - It all starts with a conversationBest in Show

    Excellence in Writing - NCHS offers class on “street law” for aspiring lawyers

    Excellence in writing - Pulse of CCSD – Child Development teacher brightens everyone’s day

    Excellence in Writing - Pulse of CCSD – Phillip Caston cataloging high school memories year after year at Wando

    Excellence in Writing - Students at Laing expand Go Baby Go project with community donations 

    Photography – Laurel Hill “Snow Day” 1 

    Photography – Laurel Hill “Snow Day” 2

    Photography – Learning how to raise farm animals

    Special Publication – Valedictorian Booklet 2021

    Video (In-House) – CCSD Minute January 22, 2021

    Video (In-House) – Clemson School of Architecture Career Summer Academy

    Video (In-House) – “Go Baby Go” at Laing Middle School- Stories of CCSD



    Newsletter – Stiles Point Elementary School

    Social Media – Cooper River Center for Advanced Studies’ Facebook pageBest in Show

    Social Media – R.B. Stall High School’s Facebook page

    Video – Cooper River Center for Advanced Studies (Toys for Tots PSA)

    Video – North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary School (January iReady Challenge Winners)

    Website – R.B. Stall High SchoolBest in Show

    Website – Drayton Hall Elementary School

    Website – North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary School

    Website - Thomas C. Cario Middle School


    “We are tremendously proud of the fact that CCSD won more communications awards than any other district in our state this year,” said CCSD’s Chief of Staff, Dr. Erica Taylor. “Our efforts are all about sharing news about the people and programs of CCSD to our employees, parents, and community at large. It is truly rewarding to see our talented and dedicated team of communications professionals and school staff members recognized by their peers in this way."

    This is the second year in a row CCSD set its own record in the SC/NSPRA Reward for Excellence program; the district earned 17 honors in 2021.

    SC/NSPRA is an affiliate of the National School Public Relations Association. The state chapter is composed of more than 140 school public relations practitioners, superintendents, and other educational professionals from across the state. The organization strives to foster development in the field of school public relations and to encourage meaningful community involvement in and understanding of the public school system.