• Field Trips

    Teacher Responsibilities

    • At a minimum, the nurse should be advised of field trip plans FOUR WEEKS prior to the event. All field trips require preparation in order to meet the health care needs of all students attending field trips.
    • Follow district policy regarding assisting students with routine medications while on the field trip.
    • The school nurse will provide training for emergency medications/procedures if you have students who require them. (You may be asked to complete a Safe Schools module prior to your individualized training.)
    • Only CCSD licensed nurses are allowed to administer/supervise insulin administration.
    • Sign out medications with your school nurse (or designated CCSD employee) on the field trip medication sign out sheet.
    • Over the Counter Medications (OTC) will not be provided on field trips without a completed doctor’s order form.
    • Notify the school nurse if there are any staffing changes to the field trip.

    School Nurse Responsibilities

    • Remind the principal and teachers that the nurse should be informed about dates/times of field trips with a list of students attending, at least FOUR WEEKS in advance.
    • Review field trip attendees in order to determine training needs.
    • Provide appropriate training for emergency medications/procedures based on emergency action plans and document this training. Training documentation forms are found on the CCSD Nursing Services intranet site.
    • Request that teachers complete Safe Schools online training as appropriate.   School nurse should keep Safe Schools training documentation.
    • Follow CCSD medication policy.