• Library and Media Services

  • Christine James Christy Wegmann James

    Library and Media Services Specialist
    Textbook Coordinator 

    75 Calhoun St
    Charleston, SC 29401
    Email: christine_james@charleston.k12.sc.us 


    Mission Statement:

    CCSD School Library Programs provide equitable access to diverse, current, and relevant materials. We empower students to discover, create, and expand their understanding of the world in an open and welcoming environment. We support all school and community stakeholders through collaborating, teaching, and removing barriers to learning.

    General Information

    The library is the hub of the school and the heart of the learning happening there. Teacher librarians are the only staff members to work instructional with every student and every teacher in a school-- it’s a very important job! We are striving to make sure that our collections provide for students’ personal and academic reading needs are met with diverse and inclusive collections. We are helping develop students learn to navigate complex information and modeling ethical participation in our increasingly interconnected world. School libraries and the role of teacher librarians have changed and evolved. Supporting literacy will always be central to our work, but we are now curriculum specialists, collaborative partners, technology experts, school leaders, and organizers of anything and everything! 

    Primary Teacher Librarian Responsibilities 


    • Design standards-based lessons that develop students’ reading and thinking and information skills in all content areas
    • Teach lessons that effectively model and incorporate research, literacy, and technology
    • Collect and analyze data to show the relationship between the library program and student achievement
    • Encourage a love of reading through interactive programming, engaging lessons, and reader advisory
    • Create an environment that promotes active learning, invites collaboration, and supports inquiry
    • Maintain an open and respectful learning space where all students are welcomed and valued

    Information Specialist

    • Provide equitable access to digital and print resources for all students and staff
    • Develop and maintain a diverse library collection to meet students’ academic and recreational reading needs
    • Organize the library collection to maximize effective use by students and staff in a manner consistent with district practices
    • Demonstrate and teach critical evaluation of information and media in real-world contexts
    • Incorporate and model digital citizenship skills

    Instructional Partner

    • Collaborate with teachers and students to teach engaging, standards-based lessons
    • Make staff aware of and assist them in making the best use of all available resources ethically
    • Support staff in the use of instructional technology to engage students and improve learning
    • Model effective strategies for developing multiple literacies
    • Involve parents and community members in library instruction and planning


    • Serve on decision-making teams in the school, especially as related to curriculum and instruction
    • Share literacy expertise by presenting at faculty meetings, parent gatherings, etc.
    • Advocate for the library program and its positive impact on student learning through data
    • Remain current in professional practices, technology, and educational research applicable to the library
    • Provide relevant professional development to support and enhance teachers’ instruction

    Program Administrator

    • Ensure that library program goals are aligned with school and district goals
    • Assess the effectiveness of the library program periodically and adjust practices accordingly
    • Prepare and justify the library budget in support of specific library program goals and the total school curriculum
    • Utilize appropriate technology for organization and communication
    • Recruit, train, and manage other library staff, students, and volunteers to meet the library’s goals

    Standards and Curriculum

    Teacher librarians support the content and curriculum of all other teachers. We have our own process-based standards, the American Association of School Librarians Standards National School Library Standards (2017), which focus on Inquiry, Inclusion, Collaboration, Curation, Exploration, and Engagement. These new standards guide teacher librarians in their support of students’ learning and teachers’ instruction. These standards also support the World Class Skills within the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.