• ESOL Philosophy

    It is the philosophy of the CCSD ESOL teaching staff that ELL students should learn to communicate in English in a variety of modes within a wide range of cultural settings or situations. CCSD is therefore committed to educational excellence and continuous achievement for all English Language Learners and promotes ESOL instruction through content learning. This empowers students to meet the rigorous demands of the SC curriculum by incorporating sound methodology with a curriculum aligned to the standards to maximize student learning.

    The goal of the ESOL program is for students to exit the program at a high proficiency level with the ability to understand and adapt to different cultures and become productive members of society. The current method of instruction is the pull-out model in the elementary and middle schools. Students remain in regular classes for most of the day except for the time period spent with the ESOL teacher. ESOL teachers communicate regularly with classroom teachers to plan, modify instruction, and ensure appropriate accommodations for the ELL student.

    At the high school level, students receive ESOL classes for credit that count as Carnegie units towards graduation. The courses are content based andintegrate reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a variety of modalities.

    Linguistically and culturally diverse students face many challenges everyday in order to achieve. The role of the ESOL teacher in facilitating this process is a critical one. The successful ELL student in CCSD will be well prepared to meet the challenges of a changing world.