• Audit and Finance Committee

  • Committee's Mission

    The Board of Trustees of Charleston County School District’s Audit and Finance Committee (“Committee”) is established to provide independent advice, assistance, and recommendations to the Charleston County School District’s Board of Trustees (“Board”) in the oversight of the financial, internal and external audit functions of the District. The Committee will review audit and financial items, submit the items to the Board, and provide presentations of the items to the Board for approval of the Board as a whole. Committee members will be available for questions from other Board members, utilizing the assistance of District staff for follow up, as needed. The Committee assists the Board in overseeing:

    • The accounting and financial reporting processes of the District and the audits of the District’s financial statements
    • The integrity of the financial statements of the District
    • The systems of internal accounting and financial controls
    • The external auditor’s qualifications and independence
    • The performance of the internal audit department

    Further, the Committee is responsible for recommending financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the organization. The Committee also reviews the organization’s financial performance against its goals and proposes major transactions and programs to the Board.  


    • Daron Calhoun
    • Darlene Roberson
    • Keith Grybowski
    • Kent Griffin
    • Stephen Duke
    • Michael Halasz
    • Velma Stamp


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