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    Gifted Nomination Window Now Open

    Students in grades 3-12 who have NOT YET been identified as gifted, may be nominated for gifted identification testing using our online form (English | Spanish). Parents, teachers, administrators, and students are encouraged to nominate students who demonstrate high academic achievement, performance, or potential. Testing will occur in the fall. Your child’s school will follow up with specific details for testing closer to the testing date. 

    Grades 6-12 will test in November (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test)

    Grades 3-5 will test in December (Cognitive Abilities Test)



    Fall and Spring MAP Scores (Reading and Math) are continuously monitored as part of the gifted identification process (Dimension B - Achievement). If your child was partially identified - in need of Dimension B or C, they may have achieved gifted and talented identification through their MAP scores. They will receive this notification along with the Performance Task Assessment score report distribution.

    Important Notes about Gifted Identification

    Students need to meet the criteria for gifted identification in 2 of the 3 Dimensions (A, B, or C). Once a child meets two dimensions, their identification will remain with them throughout their K-12 education in South Carolina public schools. Future non-qualifying scores will not impact their identification.



  • Gifted and Talented

    Gifted and Talented fosters in each student a desire for excellence, compassion for others, and a sense of individual responsibility to self, the school, the community and a changing society. 

    How We Directly Support Schools

    • Challenge and stimulate the Academically Gifted and Talented student.
    • Assist in delivering a teaching approach that enriches and accelerates the learning of core content according to the state’s curriculum standards
    • Provide on-going professional development in gifted and talented curriculum and teaching strategies
    • Provide support (mentoring, PD) for teachers, administrators, parents, and the communities of CCSD

    Our Core Services

    • Identifying and placing all CCSD academically Gifted and Talented students in grades 3-12 according to the mandated specifications of the Education Improvement Act of South Carolina (Regulation 43-220)
    • Providing each Gifted and Talented child opportunities for intellectual stimulation through group interaction with others of similar academic abilities and a curriculum of experiences and activities outside the limits of the regular classroom
    • Empowering each gifted child to recognize and fully utilize his or her specific unique talents and to strive for excellence while contributing to self and others


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    Elizabeth Uptegrove, Gifted and Talented Coordinator 
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