• SC READY Lexile Results from the Spring 2017 SC READY Assessment by Grade and School. Lexiles provide a measure of a student’s reading achievement. Graphs in this section show the percentage of students whose Lexile score indicates they are on-track for college and career readiness in terms of reading achievement as well as those who have exceeded the college and career readiness standards in their grade level. This analysis is based on Metametric’s work, in which they examined the reading achievement that was needed for students to master Common Core standards in each grade level.

    Following the presentation of results for grades 3-8, an additional graph shows the Lexile results for currently-enrolled 9th-grade students, based on their 8th grade (spring 2017) SC READY results, presented by their 2017-18 high school. This analysis is useful for high schools as it provides information about the reading achievement of their current freshman classes when they entered high school.