• Intercultural Development

  • Brandi BlakeBrandi Blake, M.Ed., CDE®
    Executive Director, Intercultural Development

    Charleston County School District
    75 Calhoun Street
  • Our Mission

  • Intercultural Development

    The Office of Intercultural Development exists to support school leaders and staff develop their cultural competency through building awareness, gaining knowledge, developing skills, and improving attitudes around cultural differences and positively impacting academic achievement by promoting a culture that is both welcoming and culturally responsive.

  • CCSD Affinity Groups

  • Affinity Groups exist to create a culture of pride, celebration, and advocacy in an effort to recruit and retain diverse employees to and within Charleston County Schools. Each affinity group establishes its own mission and goals.

    Want to learn more about CCSD Affinity Groups? Email culturalcompetency@charleston.k12.sc.us

  • B.E.A.GBlack Educator Affinity Group

    Established in 2021

    ~ Mission~ 

    The CCSD Black Educators Affinity Group will be a space for black educators

     to connect to one another, support one another, and celebrate one another in a safe space.

  • Hispanic Latino Affinity Group

    Established in the 2022-2023 academic year, the CCSD Hispanic- Latino Affinity Group created goals to advocate for district resources to support in the following:

    • Goal #1 Create a Hispanic-Latino Affinity committee to support recruitment, retention, and innovation among CCSD Hispanic-Latino employees

    • Goal #2 Support Hispanic-Latino staff in CCSD with professional development and career advancement opportunities

    • Goal #3 Make recommendations to CCSD on how to improve the outcomes for Hispanic-Latino staff members, families, and students

    • Goal #4 Create a work-based network to support Hispanic-Latino CCSD employees