• Scholarship Opportunities & Funding for Postsecondary Education

  • Two of the biggest sources of aid to help pay for post secondary education come from either scholarships and the federal government's through completion of the FAFSA's (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application.

    General Scholarships:

    Financial AidScholarships come from a variety of sources, including directly from the college or university, employers, private companies, nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, and national and local professional and social organizations. 

    The Office of School Counseling Services provides a list of scholarship opportunities on a weekly basis throughout the school year. Please see the latest information linked below. Families should also check with the school's School Counseling Department for any scholarships specific to your school.


    The FAFSA form is completed each year to apply for federal student aid such as federal grants (gift you do not pay back), work-study funds, and loans (submitting the FAFSA does mean you have to take a loan but is used to determine if you might be eligible). For more information about the FAFSA go to StudentAid.gov.

  • Current Scholarship Opportunities