• What is EL Curriculum?

  • Overview

    EL EducationEL Education (formerly known as Expeditionary Learning) is a national nonprofit partnering with K-12 educators to transform public schools and districts into hubs of opportunity for all students to achieve excellent equitable outcomes and release their unique genius. EL Education is guided by a vision of educational equity and student potential, by a reimagined definition of student achievement, and offers research-proven resources and practices, including:

    • The acclaimed EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum
    • Core Practices driving continuous improvement of Equity
    • Highly-rated professional learning
    • Best-selling educator books, videos, and media.

    EL Education was founded in 1991 and currently serves 440,000 students in diverse communities across the country.

    EL's Vision and Mission

    When students and teachers are engaged in work that is challenging, adventurous, and meaningful, learning and achievement flourish. EL's mission is to create classrooms where teachers can fulfill their highest aspirations, and students achieve more than they think possible, becoming active contributors to building a better world.

  • Three Dimensions of Student Achievement

    CirclesWhen students enter adult life, they will be celebrated not for their performance on basic skills tests, but rather for the quality of their work and their character. EL Education builds students’ capacity for three dimensions of high achievement:

    EL Education is transforming literacy education with an acclaimed curriculum, proven professional development, and a suite of resources that empower teachers to master their greatest aspirations and build equitable and inclusive learning opportunities for all students.

    Created by teachers for teachers, and based on college and career readiness standards, the EL Education Language Arts curriculum is a comprehensive, research-informed, core language arts program that engages teachers and students through compelling, real-world content.