• Dress Code (as seen in the 2021-22 Code of Conduct)
    Student Dress: Orange Grove is a dress code school.

    • Acceptable colors for uniform tops are red, white, light blue, navy, and black.
    • Acceptable colors for uniform bottoms are khaki, navy, and black (including leggings).
    • The dress code consists of pants, skirts, skorts, jumpers, or shorts.
    • Collared shirts that are red, white, light blue, navy, or black (plain or with OG logo only) and spirit shirts are allowed.
    • Pants must be slacks – no sweatpants will be permitted.
    • Girls may wear blouses without collars.
    • Any shirt provided by Orange Grove may be worn as a uniform.
    • No spaghetti straps at any time.
    • The minimum length of shorts, skirts, etc. must be no shorter than six inches above the knee. Shorts and skirts must be this length or longer even with leggings underneath.
    • Tops, with the exception of Orange Grove hoodies, are to be tucked in at Elementary Campus. 

      *Middle School Only as of 10/27/2020: Tops, with the exception of OG hoodies and t-shirts, are to be tucked in. 

    • Clothing must fit appropriately. Pants and shorts will be worn at the waist. Clothing must not be too loose or too tight as deemed by administration.
    • Health laws require students to wear shoes at all times. To prevent accidents, students should avoid wearing shoes that slide off easily. Open-toed are acceptable but not recommended. All shoes must have a back or ankle strap. Flip flops, backless sandals (i.e.- Jack Rogers), bedroom shoes including slipper boots, and shoes with wheels are not permitted. Shoes with laces must be tied at all times. Athletic shoes are the most appropriate footwear for safety and comfort on campus.
    • Orange Grove athletes will be in professional attire as described by coaches and administration on game days.
      Sleeveless, see-through, or mesh tops (basketball tank tops, football jerseys, cheerleading tops) must be worn with an appropriate shirt underneath.
    • Pants should be worn at the waist.
    • 1⁄4 zip pullovers are permitted in school colors.
    • Anything full zip is considered a jacket and should not be worn in school.

    Out of dress code notices should be given by the teacher for the first and second offenses. Third offense should be sent to the office.
    There are three exceptions to the uniform policy:

    1. Style Day:  Style Day is sponsored by a grade level or department.  Students pay $1 and can show their style provided they are dressed in a manner appropriate for school (pants worn correctly, nothing revealing or obscene).
    2. Field Trips: Children may be out of dress code only if teachers and office have approved a dress change for the trip.

      The administration has the discretion to determine proper or improper dress. Students who are found to be in violation of the dress code are subject to disciplinary action.
      Appropriate dress, appearance, proper behavior, and cleanliness are vital to each member of the school community. Wearing appropriate dress to school promotes a positive influence on the school climate.