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  • The Zig Zag Method

    When I was younger my brother wanted to be Jacques Cousteau or Marlin Perkins from the TV show the Wild Kingdom. He was full of fun facts about animals. One of my favorites was if you are confronted by an alligator/crocodile you must run in a zig-zag line as you are fleeing the scene. This back and forth motion will slow down the alligator/crocodile. Not sure if this is true but the vision in my head of someone running away like that always makes me smile. So yesterday we heard the news that school will be out until after Spring Break. This was a "zag" in our lives. As we all try to develop a sense of routine, order and limited binge eating of snacks, we cannot lose the hope that we will get through this time of change. Together we can support, listen, encourage and even poke a little fun to make the time go quicker. Yes, we sent work home that may feel daunting right now. The pressure to document every second of your day is ever-present. But with the extension of time, we will be able to take smaller bites of life; add more family time to our days and slow our pace down just a bit. Guaranteed there will be more zigs and zags as we go through this. But according to my Brother, we will be fine because that is the safest way to go!
    Mrs. Amy Cario