R.B. Stall High School


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    Jeremy Carrick, Principal
  • North Charleston Center for Advanced Studies
    North Charleston CAS - September 2019
  • Cooper River CAS North Charleston Center for Advanced Studies

    Scope: New 84,000 square foot facility that will house programs focusing on advanced studies.

    Project Budget: $42.7 Million

    Design completion site: Sept. 2018

    Design completion bldg: Jan 2019

    Construction start site: Nov 2018

    Construction start bldg: March 2019

    Construction completion: Aug 2020

    Square Footage: 84,000 SF

    Site Size: 5 acres

Parent Messages

  • Good evening R. B. Stall High School graduates,

    As you are aware, R.B. Stall High School will be holding a virtual graduation ceremony on Monday, June 8th at 7:00PM.  During the virtual graduation ceremony, the graduates will be addressed by the school principal, valedictorian, and salutatorian before individual graduate slides display the name, picture and academic honors for each graduate individually.  

    When considering in-person ceremonies for our graduates, we wanted a ceremony that first and foremost allowed families to attend a ceremony with less strict attendance limitations.  The in-person diploma awarding ceremony will allow us to do safely without the challenge or complications associated with gathering all graduates and families at one location.  We hope that our ceremony allows each graduate to feel honored and celebrated as they walk across the stage to signify this tremendous milestone; their high school graduation.

    The in-person, diploma-awarding ceremony will be held Friday, June 12th from 5:00PM to 9:00PM.  Families are invited to attend the ceremony to see their graduate walk across the stage and receive their diploma.  Families that travel to the ceremony in more than one vehicle should arrive on campus at the same time to line up together.  There is not a limit of guests for each graduate, but family units will be able to remain socially distant from other families while on campus.  Graduates will walk across the stage in the order that they arrive on campus, so families should be prepared to wait in line for their graduate’s turn to receive their diplomas.

    In order to prevent long delays, we will divide our diploma awarding ceremony into houses for each time slot so families can better plan on arrival times with less delay.  Times will be Yellow House 5:00-5:45, Green House 5:45-6:30, Purple House 6:30-7:15, Orange House 7:15-8:15, and Pink House from 8:15-9:00.   

    When it's your graduate’s turn, your family can exit their vehicles and approach the stage to see your graduate receive their diploma.  Once your graduate receives their diploma, families can return to their vehicles and exit through the main school entrance so the next graduate can receive their diploma.

    Safety for our graduates and families is of our utmost importance.  We are excited to celebrate and award diplomas to our students while practicing social distancing at our diploma awarding ceremony.  I hope you and your family feel safe and comfortable seeing your graduate walk across the stage to receive their diploma.  

    Thank you for your continued support and to our graduates, congratulations!  We look forward to celebrating you next week! 

    Mr. Jeremy Carrick, Principal
    R.B. Stall High School