• Early Morning Arrival

    Our car rider line opens at 7:00 am.

    At 7:25 am students are tardy.

    Please have students ready to exit your vehicle when the car door is opened by a faculty or staff member.

    When arriving at a stop in the car rider line, your student's book bags and lunch boxes should be in hand.

    Seatbelts should be ready to unlock, and a clear path should be provided for students to exit the vehicle, 

    Please remain in the car rider line.

    Allowing your child to exit your vehicle in the parking lot is not safe because students will be in an area with moving vehicles.



    Afternoon Dismissal 

    Please remain in your car.

    Have your car rider tags available.

    A clear path is provided by staff for students to enter your vehicle.

    During afternoon dismissal, please do not come to the front office to get your child. Walking up to the front office to pick up your child in the afternoon may prolong your wait.