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    Who are we?

    Greg Mathis Charter High school is a public Charter School that serves students in grades 9-12. Our charter is set up to meet the needs of all students; including those who are struggling in a traditional high school setting. As a Charter school, we hold increased autonomy in our operations and academic program in exchange for increased accountability. There are no barriers for students to enter our school. We believe wholeheartedly that every student can achieve success at some level; therefore rendering them responsible citizens.


    • To have 100% of students receive job shadowing experience- Virtual/ On Site
    • To increase the scope and size of our physical plant and student count.
    • To increase parent involvement in our academic program.
    • To have 100% of our tested students achieve a minimum certification level of silver in ACT Work Keys.

    Astounding Achievements

    • 100% Certified Faculty.
    • Winter MAP benchmark data shows 63.2% of our students made a minimum percentage point gain of 2 on each test taken over their Fall MAP score.
    • Students participate in Dual Credit classes at TTC – in 2012- 2013, 1 student earned a perfect score in his college level class. In 2013- 14, 2 graduated with dual credits and 2 graduated with college credits.
    • Work Keys Achievement- Six seniors took Work Keys in 2013-14. The certifications achieved were as follows: Gold-1, Silver – 1, Bronze -1
    • Extended day and extended year learning programs offer students 1095 hrs. of increased learning time per year.
    • Cumulative Professional Development time of 163 hrs.
    • Advanced technology allows us to implement 1:1 Personalized Learning program. Each student has access to a dedicated iPad and laptop.
    • Offer Blended Curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse learners.

    Sponsorship Tiers

    Tier 1 - Instructional Support

    • Reading Intervention Program- $37,740
    • Math Intervention Program- $37,740
    • Student and Parent Support Program- $35000
    • School Counselor - $37,740

    Tier 2 - School Wide Supplies and Support

    • School Furniture- $16000
    • School Supplies- $8000
    • Professional Development for Teachers-$12000
    • Sports Program- $6500
    • Bus Passes (in lieu of School Bus Transportation) - $16000 year long for 100 students – annual cost.

    Tier 3 - Student Supplies

    • Donate a School Shirt Initiative- $15
    • Donate an Activity Fee Initiative- $35
    • Field Trip Sponsorship- $120 per student- annual cost
    • Sponsor a Graduate Initiative- $190 per student.

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