• All About Clark Academy

    Septima P. Clark Academy is an academic alternative program for high school students in the Charleston County School District. Designed for students who have fallen behind in their high school credits, or would like to graduate high school early. 

    Clark offers small class sizes (15:1 student to teacher ratio) and the individual attention that many students need to succeed in high school. In addition to core academic classes in Math, English, Social Studies and Science. 

    Clark Academy offers a limited number of electives and dual college courses. The sense of togetherness and shared purpose are important reasons why Clark Academy students are so successful.

    Like our students Clark Academy is filled with history and uniqueness.  Housed in the former W. Gresham Meggest School, which was the first high school built on James Island for Black students in 1953.  The school served its students until 1969 when W. Gresham Megget School was closed as students were integrated into James Island High School. 

    It's rich history has earned Clark Academy the classification of historic site on the James Island History Trail.  Years later, in 1994, a growing need for a vocational high school was seen by Charleston County School District and this historic school was renamed Septima P. Clark Corporate Academy.

  • All About Ms. Septima P. Clark

    Septima P. Clark was an educator and civil rights activist.  She is often credited as being the Grandmother of the Civil Rights Movement.  In 1898, Ms. Clark was born in Charleston, SC.  She would go on to earn a bachelor's degree from Benedict College and a master's degree from Hampton University.  Ms. Clark taught children during the school day and illiterate adults on her own time at night. 

    Ms.  Clark is most famous for establishing "Citizenship Schools".  These schools would design to teach reading to adults throughout the Deep South, in hopes of carrying on a tradition.  The creation of citizenship schools developed from Septima Clark's teaching of adult literacy courses during her earlier career.  While the project served to increase literacy, it also served as a means to empower Black communities. 

    Septima Clark wrote two autobiographies during her lifetime, in which she recorded her lifelong experiences. Septima P. Clark died on December 15, 1987. 

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