• Transcript Information

    All those in the Class of 2021 or before should access the Charleston County School District Archives and Records Website for important contact information.

    You can also access Scriborder and request an official copy of your transcript.

    If you are a current WAHS Senior (Class of 2022), you must request your transcript through Naviance / Family Connection. 


    Naviance Transcript Instructions

    NOTE: You must indicate the application type/how you are applying. DO NOT list “unknown” for how you are applying. Transcripts cannot be processed if unknown is selected. Request your transcript from the Colleges tab. **If you are applying to a COMMON APP school, you MUST complete your transcript request through COMMON APP by sending your school counselor an invite to COMMON APP. DO NOT request COMMON APP transcripts through Naviance. Transcript requests can take up to 3 to 5 days to process. There is NO fee for a transcript.

    Visit Naviance / Family Connection to request a copy of your transcript. See the Naviance Information Handout for more information.

    Transcript Request:
    1. Click the Colleges tab.
    2. Select Colleges I’m applying to
    3. Click + Request Transcripts
    4. Check the “initial” box
    5. Drop down arrow and start typing your college name or select the college/colleges to send your transcript
    6. Click request transcript and done.
    7. Processing your transcript may take up to 5 days, so please request in advance.


    1. Colleges I’m thinking about
    2. Add colleges to list - use lookup by keyword and type the name of the college or university
    3. Click inside the heart to highlight, clock back button
    4. Move to application list
    5. Check if you have already sent application
    6. Select add and request transcripts


    Current WAHS (Withdrawal) Student Transcripts

    Transcripts to another school: If you are transferring to another school, please visit West Ashley High School and complete a withdrawal form with Ms. Tamelia Mitchum at Tamelia_Mitchum@charleston.k12.sc.us. The official transcript will be sent directly to the school.